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Why is rebound important?

by:Fodo Sports     2023-07-03

Rebounds are considered one of the most essential aspects of basketball. It not just adds an extra score to your team, but also helps to control the game while giving you valuable possession of the ball. Rebounds are crucial for both players and teams, and thus it is crucial to understand why rebounds are so important.

In this article, we will go over why rebounds are crucial in basketball and how they can help you win the game.

The Benefits of Rebounds

Rebounding is a vital skill in basketball because it comes with several benefits that can help you win games. Let's explore a few of those.

1. Creates Second-Chance Opportunities

Rebounds are crucial because they provide an additional chance to score, which could often be the difference between a win and a loss. The offensive team can either pass it to a player that is open to take a shot or reset the offense and look for a new opportunity to score. The more rebounds your team gets, the more opportunities you'll have to score.

2. Controls the Pace of the Game

Rebounding is a critical factor in fluidly controlling the pace of the game and determining the tempo of play. If your team is getting rebounds, you have the luxury to slow down the tempo of the game. Having a slower pace of play will give your team the advantage, allowing them to dictate the game's style.

3. Prevents Fast Breaks

Rebounding prevents fast breaks that come as a result of missed shots or turnovers. It is crucial to grab the rebound and keep the ball in the hands of your team because if the other team gets the rebound, it can lead to fast break opportunities that often lead to an easy score. Having a strong rebounding team is vital because it can help you prevent fast breaks and control the tempo of the game.

4. Enhances Team Defense

Another benefit of rebounding is that it improves team defense. When a player takes a shot, it's entirely possible that they will miss. By securing the rebound, you give your team a chance to set up their defense and take advantage of any missed shots. Additionally, getting rebounds can be demoralizing for the other team and affect their shooting percentage for the rest of the game.

5. Boosts Confidence and Energy

Rebounds can be a game-changer, and grabbing them can boost your team's confidence and energy on the court. If your team regularly secures rebounds, it can generate momentum and give you an advantage over the other team.

Rebounding Techniques

Now that we know the importance of rebounds, let's dive into some techniques that can help you improve your rebounding potential.

1. Box Out

The most crucial aspect of grabbing a rebound is positioning. One of the essential techniques in this regard is to box out. Box out refers to holding your position in front of an opposing player near the basket. By maintaining this position, you make it difficult for the opposing player to grab the rebound, giving you a better chance to get it for your team.

2. Get Low

Getting low is crucial for getting under the ball, which can provide you with a better chance to grab the rebound. When you're low to the ground, you have additional stability and can get a better vertical jump to secure the ball.

3. Read the Ball

Basketball is a game of precision, and understanding how the ball bounces can help you secure rebounds. Anticipate where the ball is headed and jump just as the ball hits the rim. By being in the right position and timing your jump, you'll have a better chance to grab the ball.

4. Follow Your Shot

Following your shot can be a great way to get offensive rebounds. When you take a shot, follow through by moving towards the basket, which can create a better angle for you to grab a rebound if you missed. Additionally, following your shot can throw off the timing of the defensive player and give you a chance to grab the offensive rebound.

5. React Quickly

Rebounding is a game of quick reactions. Reacting quickly to the ball can help you secure the rebound over other players. Keep your eyes on the ball and be ready to jump the moment it comes your way.


Rebounding is one of the most crucial aspects of basketball, and your ability to grab it can have a significant impact on the game's outcome. By securing rebounds, you give your team an opportunity to score, dictate the pace of play, prevent fast breaks, enhance team defense, and boost their confidence. Incorporating the rebounding techniques mentioned above can help you become a more versatile player and take your game to the next level.

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