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What is a rebound goal?

by:Fodo Sports     2023-06-18

Rebound goals in soccer are one of the most exciting moments of a match. It’s a rush of adrenaline for the striker who scores the goal and for the fans who are watching it live or on TV. But, what exactly is a rebound goal, and how important is it in soccer? In this article, we will take a closer look at rebound goals and how they can make or break a team’s performance in a game.

What is a Rebound Goal?

A rebound goal is a term used in soccer when a player scores a goal by following up on a rebound from a save made by the goalkeeper or a failed clearance attempt by the defense. In other words, it’s a goal that occurs when the ball has bounced off a defender or the goalkeeper, and an attacking player is in position to capitalize on the opportunity.

Rebound goals are valuable to teams for several reasons. They give the team momentum, boost morale and confidence, and can turn the tide of a game. When a striker makes a rebound goal, it typically means that they have worked hard and put themselves in a good position to score, which often reflects on their ability and technique on the field.

The Science of Rebound Goals

Rebound goals might seem like just a matter of luck, but there’s actually a bit of science behind them. Researchers have analyzed the patterns of goals scored in professional soccer games and found that rebound goals occur more frequently than any other type of goal.

According to a study by Opta, a sports data analytics company, rebound goals account for around 15% of all goals scored in the English Premier League, the highest level of professional soccer in England. That’s second only to open-play goals, which account for around 70% of all goals scored.

One reason that rebound goals are so common is that they often occur in high-pressure moments in the game. The opposition might be heavily defending their goal, and the only way for the attacking team to score is to take advantage of a mistake or loss of control by the defense. This often results in the ball bouncing off a defender or the goalkeeper, creating the perfect opportunity for a follow-up shot.

Rebound Goal Strategies

Strategizing for rebound goals is something that coaches often focus on during their team talks. When players understand the importance of being in the right position to score off a rebound, they are more likely to take advantage of those moments when they occur.

Here are some strategies that teams can use to increase their chances of scoring from a rebound:

1. Anticipate the Rebound

Players who anticipate the rebound are more likely to be in the right place at the right time to score. This requires a strong understanding of the game and the ability to read the field and the opposition’s defense.

2. Follow Up Every Shot

Even if a shot looks like it’s going to be a sure thing, players should always follow up with a shot, just in case it’s saved or rebounds back into play. This persistence can pay off in big ways and create momentum and opportunities for the attacking team.

3. Crowd the Box

When the attacking team is positioned in the box, it can cause confusion and havoc for the defenders. This can lead to mistakes and awkward clearances that create rebound opportunities.

4. Take Advantage of the Keeper’s Angles

Oftentimes, goalkeepers will save shots but will leave a rebound opportunity. Players who know where to shoot and how to aim can take advantage of those angles and score a rebound goal.

The Importance of Rebound Goals

As we mentioned earlier, rebound goals can provide teams with a momentum boost, and they can change the outcome of a game. But they are also essential for morale and confidence. When players score a rebound goal, it can create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, and it can give them a renewed sense of motivation to win the game.

For strikers, rebound goals can be an excellent way to build their confidence on the field. When they score a goal, they know that they’ve worked hard to create that opportunity, which can translate to better performances in future games.


Rebound goals are one of the most exciting aspects of soccer and can make or break a team’s performance in a game. By strategizing for rebound opportunities and anticipating the rebounds, teams can increase their chances of scoring these valuable goals.

In summary, rebound goals are important because they provide teams with momentum, boost morale and confidence, and can turn the tide of a game. By understanding the science behind rebound goals and focusing on strategic planning, teams can take advantage of these opportunities and set themselves up for success.

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