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Is a rebound goal an assist?

by:Fodo Sports     2023-06-18

Is a Rebound Goal an Assist?

Hockey has been one of the most loved sports in Canada and the United States for years. With passionate fans and remarkable action on the ice, it is easy to see why so many people fall in love with the sport. However, one question that has come up over and over again is whether a rebound goal can be considered an assist in hockey. In this article, we will dive deep into this question and provide you with all the information you need to know about rebounds and assists in hockey.

What is a rebound goal?

A rebound goal in hockey is a shot that is made after the initial shot has been saved by the opposing team's goaltender or has hit the post. In such a situation, the puck bounces back into the rink, and a player from the same team rushes to grab it and shoots it into the net before the goaltender has a chance to recover from the first shot.

Is a rebound goal an assist?

The debate over whether a rebound goal can be considered an assist is one that has been going on for a long time. Some people believe that rebounds should be considered as assists, while others feel that the person who scored the goal deserves all the credit. So, what is the truth?

In hockey, an assist is given to any player who passes the puck to the player who eventually scores a goal. The idea behind giving someone an assist is to acknowledge their contribution in creating and setting up the scoring opportunity. However, in the case of a rebound goal, there was no direct pass leading up to the goal.

Therefore, a rebound goal cannot be considered as an assist. However, that does not take away from the significance of the goal. Rebound goals are just as important as any other goal and can often change the outcome of a game.

What does the NHL say about rebound goals and assists?

The NHL's official rules state that a player can be given an assist if they have passed the puck to the player who scored the goal or if they have touched the puck before the goal was scored. The NHL does not mention anything about rebounds and how they are to be treated.

So, in the eyes of the NHL, a rebound goal is not considered an assist. However, the league still recognizes the importance of rebounds and how they can contribute to the outcome of the game.

Why are rebounds important in hockey?

Rebounds are the result of a goaltender doing their job by making a save. However, rebounds can often be difficult for goaltenders to handle, which is why they can be so significant in hockey.

When the puck bounces back into the rink after a save, it gives the opposing team a second chance to score. It also forces the goaltender to react quickly and make another save, which can be challenging.

Rebounds can also lead to chaos in front of the net, as players rush to grab the puck and score. This chaos can often lead to penalties and power plays for one team or the other.

In hockey, rebounds can change the momentum of a game, and sometimes even a series. So, while a rebound goal may not be an assist, it still adds significant value to any team's performance.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, a rebound goal cannot be considered an assist in hockey. However, rebounds play a vital role in the game and can often lead to game-changing opportunities. From this article, we have seen that the NHL recognizes the importance of rebounds, even if they do not contribute to the player's statistics.

So, the next time you see a rebound goal scored in a hockey game, remember that while it may not be an assist, it still adds significant value to the team's performance.

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