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how to make a rebounder for soccer

by:Fodo Sports     2023-07-27


Rebounding is an essential skill in soccer that often separates the average players from the exceptional ones. It involves controlling the ball efficiently while it is in mid-air, usually after a long pass, shot, or clearance. To improve your rebounding skills, having a rebounder can be a valuable tool. In this article, we will guide you on how to make a rebounder for soccer, providing step-by-step instructions and useful tips to enhance your training sessions.

1. Materials needed:

Before diving into the process, gather the necessary materials to build your soccer rebounder. Here's a list of items you'll require:

- PVC pipes (four 1' cross connectors, two 1' elbow connectors, six 1' T-connectors, and four 5' pipes)

- Bungee cords

- Soccer netting

- Tools (saw, measuring tape, PVC cutter, marker, hammer)

- Tennis balls (optional)

2. Measuring and cutting the PVC pipes:

Start by measuring and cutting the PVC pipes according to the required specifications for your rebounder. A standard size is 6'x4', which can easily accommodate regular soccer balls. Use a saw or PVC cutter to cut the pipes into the following lengths:

- Two 6' pipes (frame base)

- Two 4' pipes (frame height)

- Four 3' pipes (angled supports)

- Four 2'8' pipes (net supports)

3. Assembling the frame:

To create the frame for your soccer rebounder, begin by connecting the pipes. Attach the three 1' T-connectors to each end of the 6' base pipes. Then, connect the four 3' angled support pipes to the middle holes of the T-connectors at a 45-degree angle. Finally, join the 4' frame height pipes to the top holes of the T-connectors. Secure all connections tightly.

4. Adding the netting:

Now it's time to attach the soccer netting to the frame. Lay the netting out flat on the ground and position the frame on top, ensuring the netting covers the entire frame area. Leave some extra netting on both sides for attachment. Use the bungee cords to fasten the netting securely to the pipes, making sure it is taut to provide a proper rebounding surface.

5. Optional: Add tennis ball targets:

For an additional challenge and to improve your accuracy, you can incorporate tennis ball targets into your rebounder. Get a set of bungee cords and attach them to the frame at different heights and angles. Hang tennis balls from these cords, creating moving targets for better training benefits.

Tips for effective soccer rebounding sessions:

- Start with basic drills: Begin your rebounding practice with fundamental drills like volleying the ball against the net or controlling it by cushioning it with various parts of your body. Focus on maintaining control and accuracy.

- Enhance your reaction time: To improve your reaction time when the ball rebounds, try standing closer to the rebounder and gradually increase the distance as you progress. This will sharpen your reflexes and allow you to react quickly in real-game scenarios.

- Adjust the angle: Altering the angle of the rebounder can help replicate different scenarios on the field. Experiment with different angles to simulate low passes, high crosses, or shots on goal. This will improve your adaptability and versatility on the field.

- Include teammates: Incorporating a teammate into your rebounding drills can add complexity and variety. Incorporate one-touch passes, headers, or volleys between each other, utilizing the rebounder as a central focal point.

- Analyze performance: Capture your training sessions on video and analyze your technique, positioning, and overall performance. Identifying areas of improvement can lead to targeted training sessions and significant progress in your rebounding skills.


By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create your own soccer rebounder to enhance your training sessions. With consistent practice and dedication, improving your rebounding skills will have a noticeable impact on your overall performance as a soccer player. So, grab your DIY rebounder and start working towards becoming a rebounding maestro on the field!

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