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how to make a rebound wall for soccer

by:Fodo Sports     2023-07-24

Understanding the Importance of a Rebound Wall in Soccer Training

In the world of soccer training, the use of specialized equipment can greatly enhance a player's skills and performance. One such tool that has gained popularity among coaches and players alike is the rebound wall. Also known as a wall pass, a rebound wall is a useful training aid that helps players improve various aspects of their game, including passing, receiving, first touch, shooting, and agility. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a rebound wall, its construction, and how to make one yourself.

Why Use a Rebound Wall?

A rebound wall provides several advantages when it comes to soccer training. Firstly, it allows players to practice solo, minimizing the need for a training partner. This makes it an excellent tool for players to improve their skills individually, at any time. By continuously striking the ball against the wall and receiving the rebounds, players can develop their passing accuracy and power. Moreover, the wall's unpredictable nature helps improve a player's first touch, requiring them to anticipate and adjust their positioning to control the ball effectively.

Constructing a Rebound Wall

Creating a rebound wall is relatively simple and cost-effective. The first step is to select the ideal location within your training space. Ideally, the wall should be placed outdoors on a flat surface, such as a concrete or artificial turf area. Next, gather the necessary materials: plywood boards, PVC pipes, screws, a tape measure, and a saw.

Assembling the Rebound Wall

1. Measure the desired dimensions of the rebound wall on the plywood boards. Typically, a recommended size is around six feet in height and ten feet in width. Adjust these measurements according to your available space and preferences.

2. Use the saw to cut the plywood boards into the required dimensions. You should end up with two identical boards.

3. Take the PVC pipes and cut them into smaller sections, approximately six to eight inches in length. You'll need several of these PVC sections.

4. Position the two plywood boards parallel to each other, with the cut PVC pipes acting as spacers between them. Ensure the boards are evenly spaced and attach them tightly using screws.

Adding Finishing Touches

To optimize your rebound wall, consider adding additional features. One option is to attach a target in the center or various spots on the wall using colorful tape or markers. This will help players focus on precise passing and shooting accuracy. Additionally, you can incorporate rebound nets on either side of the wall to create further challenges and unpredictability.


Using a rebound wall in soccer training is a valuable method to improve passing accuracy, first touch, shooting skills, and agility. With a few simple steps, you can construct your own rebound wall using plywood boards, PVC pipes, and screws. By incorporating this training aid into your practice sessions, you can enhance your solo training, making it more efficient and engaging. So, gather the materials, build your rebound wall, and take your soccer skills to the next level!

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