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These ball air pumps can be used in a various types of balls, such as football, basketball, volleyball and balloons. They are made of a variety of materials ,including PP,PVC,ABS ,PC, rubber, metal ,etc. Some of air pumps are multifunctional, in addition to inflating balls ,it can also inflate bicycles with high pressure and easy to carry. our air pumps designed to fit nicely into your hand at a very nice angle, allowed you to hold the pump and the ball at the same time so it made it very simple to start inflating a ball. Except for that, we also sell ball pump accessories, for example, ball pump needle. Each of our products is in good condition with being tested for higher quality, all these already received our client’s trustable .We can offer EOM and ODM service ,to offer the special design for you .We have been specializing in air pumps for 20 years and have professional team, very experienced to make to high –quality products. We are trustworthy.

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